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Denis Chadwick founded Industrial Tool Specialist, Inc., in 1971 as a company that focused on solving application problems, and the company remains true to that focus today.

Denis began working in the local machine shops as a teenager while going through the co-op program in Springfield, Vermont. After graduating from the University of Vermont, where he studied business, he took a job selling grinding wheels, moved to Ohio, and called on shops that primarily supported the automotive industry. In 1971, he decided to start his own business, so he moved back to Springfield, and he started Industrial Tool Specialist, Inc., in a one-stall garage that was converted to office space. In the early days, his wife, Danielle, was the bookkeeper—with a degree in nursing and raising a newborn at the time, it seemed that she was the perfect fit.

Forty-six years later, ITS is now into the second generation of management. Steven Chadwick (son) began working for the business as a teenager doing grounds maintenance. After graduating from the University of Vermont, where he studied business, Steve continued working for a consulting firm that specialized in business system solutions (custom software applications and data management), where he had interned.

In 1998, Steve rejoined ITS in a more formal position, doing inside sales and managing the office. Stacy Harriman (his sister), a graduate of Castleton State College, had studied corporate communications and joined the company in 1997, doing outside sales, after living in St. Thomas (USVI) and Florida.

In 2005, Steve and Stacy cross-trained each other in their respective roles, and swapped positions in the company. Having started a family, Stacy found it difficult to raise a small child while on the road as a traveling salesperson, and Steve was ready to get out from behind the desk.

In 2009, Denis decided to step back and enjoy retirement. Steve purchased the business that year and now manages the company with Stacy at his side.

Working with my sister is a blessing. We have both spent (and still spend) considerable time managing the business as well as working in the field. Having grown up together as best friends and having the same upbringing, we approach things with the same mentality. Our father taught us the value of a dollar, and we treat every opportunity as if it is our money we are spending. At the end of the day, you have to live with your decisions and feel good about what you did. We are as aboveboard and honest as anyone out there—we know that honesty, hard work, and focus keep our customers coming back…that and increasing their bottom line through efficiency gains!

—Steve Chadwick

While the company represents and supports domestic suppliers whenever possible, some applications require reaching out to the international arena. In bringing solutions to our customers, we draw on suppliers and engineers located all over the world, and we access high-performance products that are second to none.

We practice what we preach internally. We have a custom-built software package and computer system that is a work in progress, and we went paperless in 2008. Our system was built with many checks and balances, ensuring that things don’t fall through the cracks. Automated reports help keep things on track so that end users get what they need, when they need it. Managing the supply chain is a big part of the customer service that we excel at. Many customers tell us they enjoy doing business with us, because they can place orders with us and forget about them, knowing we will take care of them.

Being technical is key in today’s marketplace. Ongoing technical training of both our inside and outside sales staff ensures that we are up to date on the latest technology. We are information disseminators! Raising awareness—not only of new technology, but how it can be applied in a customer’s specific environment—is critical to both our and our customers’ success. Both our inside and outside staff receive praise regularly for their product knowledge and their ability to find a solution.

Industrial Tool Specialist has one intention—increasing efficiency. Specializing in solving tough applications is what we do best. While our competitors are focused on being your supplier, we are focused on being your specialist. Bring your toughest application to us and we’ll work with you to find the best solution out there.

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Steve Chadwick, Owner, ITS

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